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Our servers are equipped with Intel Xeon Server CPUs / 32GB of RAM and 3x SSD hard drives in a RAID array.

Our server Technolgie

Intel Xeon processors

The CPUs in our Prestashop servers are clocked at 3.2GHz and switch into “Turbo Mode” with 3.6GHz under load. Parallel working cores and large caches guarantee maximum performance. The CPUs are not throttled and we set no limits, so every online store gets the full available power.

Solid State Disks (SSDs) in RAID array for maximum performance and reliability

We run SSDs in all Prestashop servers, because these flash memory offer a much higher performance than conventional hard drives. The read rates go up to 550MB/s and outperform even the fastest server hard drives (about 200MB/s).

In our servers, the SSD memory are combined to RAID5 associations so that all SSDs work in parallel. Maximum read rates are reached by simultaneous access to multiple drives. To protect against failures all data is backed up repeatedly on different drives. If one SSD fails, the operation is not affected and no data will be lost.

A high-performance data storage is very important for Prestashop- Webhosting, because many files, such as images in high reolutions, are delivered to the visitors browser simultaneously.

32GB Memory

The Prestashop servers have generously sized memory to deliver all data with the highest possible speed. The server software is configured so that as many requests will be answered directly from the memory (caching), because this provides the best performance.

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