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One of the best commercial S/FTP Software for Mac OSX is Yummy FTP Pro.

Thanks to Secure Shell support file transfer is securely encrypted and it can comfortably offer useful features of SSH just using the graphical Use Interface.

Thus, for example, duplication of files or ZIP files directly on the server and unzip. Even deleting large folders with many subfolders / files happens very quickly, because unlike the normal FTP protocol, when via SSH it happens in a second! With the first, the lowest folder with all images must be deleted individually, and because directory hierarchies can grow large it could take several minutes to complete.

Remote Editing & File Diff edit / save and display version differences
FTP Aliases / Shortcuts e.g. on the desktop in order to automatically upload to a server folder
Advanced File & Directory synchronization tools

Also, the customer support of Yummy is absolutely gorgeous!

After we encountered an error while importing FileZilla bookmarks, the developer discussed it with us and on the same day sent us a corrected version. Now the import of FileZilla Cyberduck bookmarks and many other FTP programs works perfectly.
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Free Software:

Cyberduck for Mac OSX and Windows:

Filezilla Client

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