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Prestashop Meetup in Berlin Germany 28.09.2017

Join us at the Prestashop Meetup! 28.09.2017 at 19:30 Adalbertstraße 8 in Berlin, Kreuzberg Germany. Co-Up in the 3th floor U-Bhf Kottbuser Tor. More information hère.

sFTP Software

One of the best commercial S/FTP Software for Mac OSX is Yummy FTP Pro. Thanks to Secure Shell support file transfer is securely encrypted and it can comfortably offer useful features of SSH just using the graphical Use Interface. Thus, for example, duplication of files or ZIP files directly on the server and unzip. Even… Read more »

Prestashop error detection

We detect errors in your online shop before your clients notice. is specialized  in Prestashop configuration. Our developers and Prestashop experts can analyse you online shop setup and give advice for improvements and individual optimizations.


Prestashop DDoS-Schutz

Unser Prestashop DDoS-Schutz schützt Sie vor DDoS-Angriffen (Distributed Denial of Service)! Durch die Nicht-Erreichbarkeit Ihre OnlineShops aufgrund von DDoS-Hackerangriffen kann der angerichtete Schaden für Ihr Unternehmen verheerend sein. DDoS-Angriffe können Ihren Prestashop Stunden-/Tagelang lahmlegen, was langfristige Folgen für Ihr Unternehmen haben kann. PRESTA.Hosting schützt Sie unabhängig von der Dauer und dem Umfang des DDoS-Angriffes zuverlässig:… Read more »

Prestashop Development and Production Server

With us you get several hosting environments! So that your customers do not see the make a Prestashop update during operation or install a new module, we have a Development- / server development with an exact copy of your store.

Prestashop Settings Check

On request, we will check your Prestashop settings with you. Especially smarty caching, the CSS and JavaScript Minifyer and various performance settings are difficult to optimize and can make a huge difference.

Hosting hand-made

We optimize the setup of the server specially for Prestashop and equip the hardware matching to the requirements of Prestashop. Adjustments on request We assemble our server hardware according to your specifications and fit the configuration according to your individual wishes.

Prestashop Media Server – CDN

Server for Prestashop

Our servers are equipped with Intel Xeon Server CPUs / 32GB of RAM and 3x SSD hard drives in a RAID array. Our server Technolgie Intel Xeon processors The CPUs in our Prestashop servers are clocked at 3.2GHz and switch into “Turbo Mode” with 3.6GHz under load. Parallel working cores and large caches guarantee maximum… Read more »

Web Hosting for Prestashop

Web Hosting for PrestaShop, just perfectly. Our server configurations are optimized for PrestaShop – exclusively – by intent. We drop compatibility with other web applications in favour of ideal matching settings for Prestashop: You will never have any problems with max input vars during compilation of translations.   Prestashop Server Software Debian Linux operating system… Read more »

Prestashop versioning

Backups are not enough for us! We offer working copies of your complete Prestashop, so you can “go back in time” and directly use previous shop installations.  

Check out our perfomance for yourself!

In our DemoShop you can check out the performance of our webhosting setup for yourself. 0.5 seconds loading time Our DemoShop is completely loaded after 0.5 seconds: This is extremly fast even in international competiton.


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