Prestashop Webhosting - High Performance is your dedicated
Prestashop webhosting provider.


Competence, speed, safety, reliability.

Half-Second Loading Time
Our Demo PrestaShop Demo site finishes loading in 0.5 seconds. That´s an awesome result in the top rankings in international comparison.
Sell faster, Sell more
Faster page loading times directly translate to increased finalized sales: Each 3-seconds improvement in page load can drive up your sales volume by up to 12%! (Did we mention our shops load in less than one second?)
7 Data Centers world wide is not affiliated with providers and data centers. We value our independence and are hosting our customers in 7 data centers the world over.
An SSL certificate and its own IP address are included with us. This creates trust and is rewarded by Google. In addition, is applied by the shop every 30 minutes as a backup.
A Team of Pros
In case you're already running an online shop, ask our experts for an in-depth opinion on how to improve page speeds and adjusting your shop's engine settings. Chances are they'll see something that you've never heard or thought of!
Individually Hand-Crafted
Our mission is to offer best-of-breed Prestashop hosting solutions in the B2B commerce field. We value keeping in touch with our customers and offer also custom-tailor hosting options — with an eye on your specific needs and an ear for your wishes.